Biased information seeking is the biggest threat to personal growth.



Unfortunately, the truth is very often uncomfortable, while knowing-it-all is a very comfortable illusion that we all tend to indulge in from time to time; a deception that is certainly not helping us grow though. According to the American communication consultant Peter Sandman, “You're learning in order to validate what you're already feeling. People who don't have strong emotions usually learn very little; people with strong emotions learn a lot, but it's biased. Those are your choices.“ 


Learning from our surrounding environment, understanding what is right and what is wrong can be very tricky, but the truth, although its perception varies depending on the receiver, is usually very concrete and unmistakably clear. Being able to separate the facts from your personal interpretation of them takes great talent and competence. It is an ability powerful enough to point out the individual who is inclined to grow from the rest, who will remain attached to their own convenient perceptions. Adapting your personal belief, your passion that is, to the truth, in lieu of remaining aimlessly passionate expressing solely your personal point of view, could turn to be a strategic advantage when pursuing personal growth.


The challenge is to maintain the drive to learn while remaining cold-bloodied enough to bypass your ego, look past your self-comfort and evaluate what you learn in a way useful to what you pursue. Trust reality no matter how tough it is and how contrary to your initial beliefs, you will not get a more powerful ally. Either you remain blinded by your emotions or you engage to what your capacity to perceive reality will lead you to.