Ideas are overrated

Ideas are overrated. Ideas come to you spontaneously, are very exciting and can prove life changing or even cause breakthroughs, but not on their own. No breakthrough was ever turned into everyday practice without a robust system to support and empower its ability to radicalise our world. Creativity and structure shall always coexist within a community that wants to make change. Despite the need for a boat-rocking idea that will shift your focus, help you realise the potential you have and shape your identity, as an individual, team, company, organisation, you also need strong foundations and clear processes that will allow you to flourish within a well protected environment. More importantly, sophisticated and well implemented processes will prolong your success by ensuring that you will continuously perform to the best of your ability instead of aimlessly showing sporadic signs of genius that go unexploited leaving you without the impact your ideas deserve.


[heavy structrures, as this of a calendar, can prove to be so very constructive]