Inside, the NSFCC looks even better!

I got to take a few pictures inside the brand new Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre just before the National Opera and the National Library move in.


Looking up at the National Opera's main lobby. Each floor has a seperate fouye.  


The view from the top.


Subtitles and other information will be displayed on a screen right infront of you.


Concrete walls detail.


The versatile secondary stage. 


Rehearsing room.


The recording and live broadcasting room. Curtains adjust the acoustics.


The so called tower of books (to be) at the entrance of the National Library.


Artwork hanging from the Library's main entrance ceiling.


Colourful seats for the lending department of the library.


Work place.


Books are going to flood this place soon.


Library's top floor.


Reading area.


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