It took me 2 days and 93GB of video to make this 3-minute short film about Kea

3 minutes full of #Kea

It was a weekend in the the early Summer. I borrowed a drone and took a boat to the nearby Kea island. Focusing on filming all the places where I used to spend lots of time when I was young, there was no time left for me to chill by the seaside or take a long swim (well I did make two quick breaks plunging at the wonderful Spathi and Koundouros beaches), but I managed to film 93GB of video. It turned out I needed a whole day to edit all the scenes and decide what needs to be cut out, ending up with a 3-minute short clip, but then I couldn't decide whether I should keep the black and white version or the full colour one. Anyway that clip reminds me of my beloved island Kea and I think thats what matters the most.

A few friends helped me out during my endeavor. Nikos Paouris gave me all the extra tips about the places I was visiting, Marcie Mayer gave me a lot of acorn cookie supplies (and many more of her unique products) that kept me going during the day and Phaidon Mavroudis accomodated me and provided all the wall sockets I needed to recharge the batteries multiple times per day.


[Original video published on Youtube in 2017]


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