For me, this is by far the best iOS 10 feature.

I've been using Apple's latest iOS update for almost two months now, and Maps app's traffic is the most impressive feature.


Living in Greece, you definately don't get the full experience of an operating system made by an american company. You don't get all the apps you want, or all the movies and TV shows you wished for (damn copyrights), even Siri won't be much of help with bookings etc (of course she doesn't even speak Greek yet). So you kind-of always have low expectations.


When it comes to reporting traffic in the capital of Greece we all rely on the local authorities or radio stations, but they only cover very basic highways and boulevards and only during rush hours. So when you hear about the new traffic feauture on Apple's Maps app, first you don't think Athens will be among the first cities covered, and second if by any chance Athens is included too,  you definately don't think you are going to get anything more than what you already get (poor data provided by the authorities). This is exactly why the recent Maps app update has been a great surprise to me.


Apple has clearly managed to by-pass local authorities and have found a way to report traffic with unthought-of accuracy for every single road out there. Is it sattelite based? Is it some other way? I don't know. But they are able to report traffic about the most abandonded little island out there during any time of the day. So this is not even good news just for the capital, but for the whole country, and I would presume for any place in the world, as it doesn't seem that any sort of local authority is involved in their process of collecting traffic data.




If that wasn't enough they also do another work for you. It is not as impressive as by-passing the greek authorities and outbesting their performance, but it is still practical and gives you a great reason to rely on their service. They estimate the time you need to go from here to there giving you alternatives not only based on routes but also traffic! So, if the traffic at the intersection you want to exit through is way too heavy they will let you know that for an extra two minutes ride (always considering traffic delays too) you can take the next one and save yourself from the frustration.



This is, undoubtedly, a feature that made my daily routine easier while the same time impressed me by the great legths the company went to, to provide me with a solution.